An unforgettable experience with the motor boat through the most beautiful areas of Greece. Motor boat to drive yourself (even without a license). The most popular tours of the last years.

- The blue lagoon-

Visit the bird sanctuary, be captain for one day and drive with your family on one of our motor boats in the most beautiful waters of Chalkidiki.
Visit the powder-fine and lonely beaches of the lagoon, picnic on the rabbit island and watch the dolphins with their tricks. Spend one day on the motor boat and experience the untouched nature around Mount Athos. In the seasons 2010 and 2011 this day tour with one of our motor boats around the blue lagoon was the most popular tour of the year.
Our motor boats are being constantly checked and you are being introduced to the handling of the motor boat and the behaviour on sea by a professional seaman. Our motor boats have liability insurance and are equipped with enough life jackets.
On your day of the tour you receive a water map to be able to easier find the beautiful beaches and green-blue waters. Furthermore you receive a cool box with cold packs and a sun umbrella on loan. You can swim, dive, snorkel and sunbath on the powder-fine beaches. Visit the blue lagoon, feed the long-ears and if you are lucky you can also see a few sea turtles. Let yourself be enchanted by the unique bird world and the beauty of one of Greece's paradises.
To the starting port you can drive with your own car or a rental car from us (directions available). Also a transfer can be booked at us with a small fee.
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- The pirate nest Pirgadikia -

With the motor boat at the footsteps of the pirates from the 16th and 17th century. Visit the moorings of the pirate "6 - finger" and the "One - eyed".
Swimming, diving, sunbathing, motor boat driving, fishing, and much more at the footsteps of the pirates of Greece. A legend says that in the bay around Pirgadikia the pirates had their favourite moorings. The pirate "6 finger" had left behind significant traces in this area. Even today, at the small port of Pirgadikia, exists the tavern "Kostas", who has a sixth finger on the right hand, exactly like the pirate of the 17th century. Dock at the pirate nest Pirgadikia and visit the 6 finger Kosta at his tavern (descendent of the pirate?).
On the way to Pirgadikia you will pass unforgettable swimming bays. Mile- long sandy beaches, a cave, in which a pirate treasure had been found and much more await you on the day of your motor boat tour.
Watch the indegenous fishermen on their work and swim in the cleanest waters of Greece. All that always with an unforgettable view on Mount Athos, the holy mountain of the Orthodoxy.
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- Motor boat sunset tour -

Experience the sunset around the monastic republic Athos on one of our motor boats. Start at around 05.00pm from the starting point and drive into the sunset.
An unforgettable experience for married, loving or to-become couples. Swim in the green-blue sea and experience one of the most beautiful moments of the day in one of Greece's paradises.
Have a picnic with wine, cheese and grapes and watch how the sun dives into the sea.
With a starry sky you return to the starting point, where you will be awaited by our co-workers.
A sunset that will write itself for ever into your book of life and will be unforgettable.
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- Motor boat to the most beautiful beaches of Halkidiki-

You start at the edge of the blue lagoon and drive in the direction of Sarti. During the whole motor boat tour, you have an unforgettable view to Mount Athos.
On this side of Sithonia lie the most beautiful beaches and the most impressive bays, like e.g. Karidi Beach, the sculptor beach, Achlada Beach, Zografou Beach and last but not least the wonderful beach of Koutloumousiou.
Trees growing up to powderfine sandy beaches, green-blue waters and untouched nature characterize this tour.
Visit Karidi Beach with its white rocks or take pictures at the Sculptor Beach. Here the sculptor Vassilis sculptured his art works in stone in the mid 80s. One of many highlights of this motor boat tour. The most beautiful beaches of Halkidiki.
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The best day of your holidays. For families, friends, pairs and everybody else, who want to experience an unforgettable tour.